The Presidential Elections: 3rd Parties

By Jack D. If you know anything about politics, you know about Republicans and Democrats. But, if you’re not very interested in them, you might not know that there are many more. And, if you follow Kanye West, you’ll know about one, the Birthday party. That one doesn’t really count though, since he’s really independent.…

A Different Type of Mask for Halloween

By Harris P. Halloween is approaching quicker than a ghost running through a cemetery, and there may be many questions that haven’t been answered that you have because of COVID-19. Do I have to wear a mask? Are people passing out candy? Is there trick-or-treating at all? Well your in luck, because I’m here to answer all your questions! …

NHL Career Insider

Extreme Long Shot Hockey

By Kai I. Tampa–Dmitry Afanasenkov is a former NHL player who was born in Russia in 1980. He played in the NHL for 13 years. Dmitry started playing hockey after his parents put him in gymnastics. He hated gymnastics! The building he went to do gymnastics was also an ice hockey arena. He told his…

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