Not Just to Sell Chocolate

By Sanjana Kolla                         

Students Love Them!

We recently just sold some yummy chocolates at our school. You know you love them and their many flavors: Almond, milk, dark, krispwhispy and my personal favorite, caramel. Farnell students love these chocolates and run to students who sell them. 

Farnell students voiced their feedback on the chocolates: 

“Its good,” said Lexi. 

My favorite chocolate is caramel,said Achin. 

 “A dollar is not bad for a bar of chocolate,said Thomas.  

“They have a variety of flavors,” said Aakshita. 

Beyond the Bar

Selling these chocolates have even found a way to help foster kids 

Mrs. Reitnauer explained: “To raise money, we want to do things on campus, to be able to do things, make scrunches, make blankets to help foster kids, help kids who have lost a parent or are in foster homes, give out positive murals on campus and have meetings once a month to get people around…” 

Little did we know, selling these chocolates have had a deeper meaning then we thought it had.

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