Tesla, Changing the World?

By Vincent and Aidan

PALO ALTO: Tesla has produced  new technology, the cyber truck. With new advancements such as the auto drive with AI technology. But this brings trouble to original truck companies such as Ford or Ram.

Tesla’s Website wrote that this truck comes with different options such as the Tri-engine. It also includes all wheel drive and a towing capability of about one ton.The interior of the Cyber truck includes 6 comfortable seats. Like never before, the truck includes a 16 inch, full touch screen in front.

From Pixabay
Tesla Cybertruck design

Tesla is hurting Ram and other companies. This is because Tesla has turned people emission free, meaning people are intrigued toward electric vehicles. The website Clean Technicia responded to the release of the Cyber truck saying that normal truck companies are failing because Tesla is releasing technology that they can’t.

They also said that the workforce of these companies are untrained in these types of manufacturing, so these businesses cant even try to improve to keep up in the industry.

Apart from that, these problems are affecting the employees of these manufactures. People have to get fired and laid off because of less business compared to Tesla. Even more, Tesla has the use of machinery to produce vehicles so less people have to get paid or even hired.

So this truck from Tesla is helping the environment, but hurting the work force of America.

3 thoughts on “Tesla, Changing the World?

    1. Whoa. Tesla is an American company that has created jobs. Ford and Ram can and should at least expand with their own emission free vehicles.

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