Corium, Worlds Strangest Element.

All the scientists who managed to get the photo in the featured image above died while getting data from Corium. Introduction Corium, an element,  holds the titles of many names. Including but not limited to Worlds Rarest Element, Worlds Deadliest Element (radius/time/lasting/temperature), Elephant’s Foot, Mankind’s Lava, etc. The reason why this element is so special…

#EndSARS Protests in Nigeria

By: Kaitlyn Fieldson  TAMPA- Nigerians worked so hard to end SARS in Nigeria, just recently, to stop the brutality that’s being used against them once and for all; to do so they organized protests.  According to Rick Gladstone and Megan Specia in the article, “Nigeria’s Police Brutality Crisis: What’s Happening Now”, “The Special Anti-Robbery Squad was created in 1984 to combat an epidemic of violent crime including robberies, carjackings and kidnappings.” SARS was made…

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